BOP is the #1 insecticide brand in the Caribbean.

As a complete solution to all insect problems, BOP effectively eliminates all flying and crawling insects. BOP is available in 3 fragrances: Original, Citronella and Evergreen in 250ml, 400ml and 600ml cans.

The active ingredients in BOP Insecticides are pyrethroids. Pyrethroids are man-made forms of pyrethrins – naturally occurring insecticides that are extracted from chrysanthemum flowers. BOP attacks the insect’s nervous system, affecting its motor and sensory functions. BOP contains two types of pyrethroids: knockdown and killing agents. Synergists in the formulation increase the efficacy of these two agents.

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GO! Insect Repellents are intended for use on the skin and are non-greasy. GO! provides two options of active ingredients, DEET and Picaridin, and delivery methods – aerosol and pump spray.

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The Beep brand of household products comprises Disinfectant Spray, Air Freshener, Dishwashing Liquid, Liquid Hand Sanitizer products and Disinfecting Wipes.

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Super Suretox is an insect-specific insecticide range available in 250ml, 400ml and 600ml cans.

Super Suretox Flying Insect Killer is perfectly designed to quickly knock down and kill flying insects including mosquitoes, houseflies, sand flies and more.

Super Suretox Crawling Insect Killer is ideal for eliminating cockroaches, ants, centipedes and others.

Super Suretox All Insect Killer combines the power to effectively eliminate both flying and crawling insects.