McBride USA, LLC was formed in 2020 and is incorporated in the state of Florida.  McBride USA is a subsidiary of McBride (Caribbean) Limited headquartered in Barbados and pictured above.  This branch is responsible for administering the selling and marketing of McBride brands in the USA. Click here for more information on McBride (Caribbean) Limited.

We are in search of distributors in each state and territory of the USA to distribute our brands in the various retail channels.  McBride’s product range for the USA currently comprises insecticide spray with a view to commercializing air freshener, insect repellent, disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, dishwashing liquid and other household products. We are seeking contract manufacturers to assist us in developing these products for sale in the USA and also for export to other markets we service in the Caribbean and Latin America.  To learn more about our brands, click here.